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October 19, 2020

Covid Information and Resources



Disclaimer: This information does not constitute a diagnosis or take any form of medical advice. I have seen over 40 cases of Covid-19. Every person that developed symptoms made a full recovery without going to the hospital. So far, Washington state has been pretty good about safety measures and the stay-at-home order. The feeling in the air is that the threat is almost over. Even my most diligent clients are relaxing their hygiene standards. NOW IS THE TIME TO BOOST YOUR IMMUNITY! To help prevent another dose of the stay-at-home order, do your part to keep yourself safe and others as well. Spend some time outdoors or focus on activities and people that make you happy. Take the time to rebuild your strength for when we are fully back to normal. 
Washington State Graph 8/1/20



41 States have ‘uncontrolled spread’ of Covid-19 are trending poorly.



Let’s do our part to keep the elderly and immunocompromised (those with diabetes, obesity, asthma and allergies, heart disease, autoimmunity, etc.) safe! Wearing a mask is the new normal. I think just, if not more important, is the use of wipes or gloves. I am always seeing people yanking up their mask, wearing it like a headband, around their neck and just plain out touching it a lot!  Before we all started wearing masks, I would take my wipes (EO Lavender wipes I find at Sprouts) EO Hand Sanitizer, Wipes, Lavenderand wipe off the cart, pick up groceries and use it to touch all pin pads and door handles. When I get home, I wash my hands. Let’s keep our city and family members safe. I think this awareness is fantastic about how illnesses spread. Wouldn’t it be great if people continued to wear a mask or use gloves if they have a cold or flu? Also, having a wellness program in place can help your body fight any infection that comes its way. Focusing on staying healthy and being concerned about others’ health is one of the positives that we can take away from this pandemic.  

There are many supplements that may help support the immune system. These supplements are specifically picked to help support the body for any virus. Click on Dr. Ramaley’s video below (the 1st article link) to see why these nutrients may be helpful. He also has a fever protocol; recommending a hot bath, hot tea and wearing hot socks to raise the temperature, instead of taking medicine to lower the fever! 

Answers to Questions That I Am Frequently Asked 

What can I test for? Energetically I am able to test for an active infection, a very recent exposure and also if you are a carrier. Please note, that this would be an assessment of the energy of your body regarding the virus. This is not a diagnosis. Email heidi@nourishandrevive.com or book a free 10-Minute Consultation for more information.

How accurate are antibody tests? The numbers vary. I have seen the NY Times say that the antibody tests are 70% inaccurate (see link in articles). Of course, the labs who offer the test say the tests are 99.8% accurate. I offer an antibody test that is created in an FDA certified lab. You can order it here: https://www.nourishandrevive.com/order-lab-work/Side note: This test is very accurate if you have an active infection. This is a fingerprick blood test. You will be sent a test kit and send the blood work to the lab for testing. The lab is FDA Registered and ISO 13485 compliant manufacturing facility as well as a CLIA High Complexity Laboratory. They also offer leaky gut and food sensitivity tests. Please see Food Sensitivity Test section above. 

If I have had Covid-19 am I still contagious? Maybe! This really depends upon when you first were infected with the virus. It is recommended that after you know that you have Covid-19 that you self-isolate for 3 weeks. 

If I have had Covid-19, have antibodies or have been exposed to Covid-19 without developing symptoms, am I further immune to contracting Covid-19? The data is inconclusive. I am sure they will want you to get a vaccine to be sure. You can do your own research to see if you want a vaccination. 

There are reports of people testing positive with the Covid-19 bloodwork tests, then testing negative and then again testing positive a week or more later. In my opinion, this is just the virus and infection hiding. I have energetic boosters that let me test inside the organs and systems where the virus likes to hide. It can go dormant for a short while, so you think the virus is over and you feel better. Then is comes back for a second or third week. As of August 1st, I have seen two cases immerge. Their symptoms lasted less than a week. This may be because they because they had a supplement arsenal ready in case it did come back. I have also had a few new people come in with a positive energetic Covid test. They have told me that they believe they had Covid earlier in the year. Since I was not able to test them, I am not classifying them in my reemergence cases. These new cases had a reemergence symptoms of a few weeks and then came to see me. After my immune boosting supplements, they felt better within a week.

Basic Immune Support:  Nourish and Revive’s Immunity pdf
Specific Virus Support:  
Viral pdf for Covid-19 pdf

Heidi’s Original Immune Boosting Recommendations in my March newsletter.

Additional Covid-19 Resources:

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Questions Answered by CIDD, The Center for Infectious Disease Dynamics – University and Government Approved Answers. There is a lot of great information on this site.


Please note these resources are for reference only. Please make conscientious and wise decisions about your health. Be diligent in your research and use credible sources. Please remember, I am here to help you navigate these tough times. You are not alone during this time. If you have symptoms or suspect that you have been exposed to a positive case, then please schedule a time to chat. I am happy to answer any questions. You will be fine and if you let me, I can help you be happy and peaceful during this time.

Yours in health,
Heidi 🕊

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