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My healing path started when I was 19. I received a phone call as a follow up from a doctor’s visit. The voice on the other end let me know that I had pre-cancer cells and needed a procedure. I was devastated. The nurse could tell that I was taken back and said, “well it’s not like it is cancer, it is pre-cancer.” I was thinking, well pre is what happens before the actual event. I researched many natural ways to cure cancer and used herbal remedies as a follow up for a short while. A few years later, it came back and I had to have another procedure. At that time, I decided that my lifestyle needed to be healthier and what I was doing wasn’t working. I had been a vegetarian for 10 years, eating a low fat and high-grain diet, which was recommended as being healthy at the time. I was taking health supplements from the store. So why was I sick and getting diseases?

I have always struggled with health issues. From an early age I was always sick. I had the measles, mumps and chickenpox. Every year, I had tonsillitis and ear infections, in addition to the flu and colds. My eczema skin issues dated back as far as I can remember. Every dermatologist I saw gave me a steroid cream. As a child, I asked one doctor why he didn’t just fix the insides of me. He just laughed and handed me the topical ointment. I had allergy shots and antibiotics on a regular basis. My allergies were so bad that I used to hold my breath down any patch of road that had scotchbroom. The grass gave me hives and flowers made me sneeze. My parents spent a small fortune on antibiotics and mercury dental fillings. By my mid 20s I developed an auto-immunity called vitiligo. I saw the top specialist in the world, in London, who said that my condition was incurable.

Heidi at Nourish and Revive

Symptoms are your body’s way of telling you something is not right. Your body is talking to you! Ignoring symptoms may create even more symptoms and possibly disease.

I understand the struggle, I have been there. This healing style is exciting, holistic and natural. You will enjoy your new health journey!


For the next decade, my health declined. This did not make sense, I was doing so many things right. I gained weight, even though I exercised regularly. My hands started to shake and my heart had palpitations. I was losing my hair, my memory started to fail me. Why was I losing control over my body? This was so frustrating! My friend suggested nutritional healing. This helped tremendously and I have had such great results! I tried so many different ways in the past and this one worked. It was a wonderful, natural style of changing health habits and taking high-quality, professional grade supplements. The best part, is that this style determined how my body wanted to heal in the order that it wants to heal. It was incredible! I devoted my life to helping others in the way that has helped me.
Heidi at Nourish and Revive

When my daughter was a few months old, she caught a cold. The doctor gave her antibiotics. This didn't feel right to me and I have always been passionate for natural healing. I made it my mission to never put her on antibiotics again. She is now 28!

I will help your body identify and remove the blockages that have been causing stress and disease.

Your body will repair the damage with the right whole food supplements and nutrition. You will learn how to sustain a healthy, holistic and natural lifestyle. This skill is life changing. Invest in health and protect the future you.
Your body’s ability to build and heal itself is amazing and Nourish and Revive wants to help you with a personalized program that offers proper guidance and resources to allow the body to self-correct. Allow me to create a personalized plan that includes proper nutrition, healthy eating and lifestyle recommendations, along with stress management and relaxation techniques. 

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We offer free US shipping on supplements. For distance clients, we can phone, text or Zoom.

I love my work and I am honored to help nourish and revive my clients.

If you want to see how amazing you can feel naturally, book a free 10-minute phone chat to see if my healing style is right for you!

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I am a certified, clinical nutritional practitioner and an Ordained Christian minister. I received my Bachelor of Arts from the University of Washington. In creating my unique healing style, I have advanced studies and techniques through the Nutritional Therapy Association (NTP), Nutrition Response Testing (NRT), Designed Clinical Nutrition (DCN), Morphogenic Field Technique (MFT), Verified Priority Analysis (VPA), Accelerated Allergy Clearing Technique (AACT), Emotional Clearing (EUE) and Wholistic Genetic Methylation. I have been passionate about holistic healing and have been helping people at Nourish and Revive since 2013.

Heidi Jo Rickard, NTP

Nutritional Therapy Practitioner
& Owner of Nourish and Revive

Heidi Jo Rickard, NTP

Nutritional Therapy Practitioner
and Owner of Nourish and Revive


About Nourish and Revive

Nourish and Revive is born out of a love and passion for helping people.


What is Nourish and Revive?


Why:  The modern world has developed poor practices for health care. These practices include eliminating symptoms regarding health, rather than addressing the underlying cause(s).

Mission Statement: To create a model of holistic, all encompassing, health care that will create a paradigm shift and then teach others.

Values Statement:  Christ lover, spiritual, ethical, honest, loyal, valuable, life-changing, excellent customer service, family-like culture, humble, non-judgmental, gracious, listener, innovative, leadership, mentorship, intentional and fun.

Pathway to Health

NEST - Nutritional, Emotional, Spiritual Technique

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My style of healing involves using the NEST – (N)utritional, (E)motional and (S)piritual (T)echnique:

Nutritional: The physical body with muscle testing, genetic and nutritional analysis. Living with your fullest energy, healthy sleep, great digestion, boosting immunity, learning natural prevention and healthy aging.

Emotional Support: Finding and living in happiness from birth to purpose. Managing stress and creating healthy boundaries.

Spiritual Support: Helping people fit into this world, find purpose, stay grounded and connect with God if that is desired. 

I am so honored to be part of a person’s healing journey. This is my purpose, destiny and calling.

Many blessings and wishing you abundant health and happiness,