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Her ability to find the root cause is incredible! I couldn't have asked for a better healer!

- EJ

Get's To The Root Cause

Healer Optimized Nourish and Revive

Feeling HEALTY!

Heidi at Nourish and Revive - Nutritional Healing

Heidi has been such a great resource to me over several years now whenever I'm not feeling as healthy as I'd like!

- LZ

The bowel movements are incredible! I’ve been doing the 21-Day Detox 2x a year for years now. A real game changer!

- AL

21-Day Detox

Poop detox

Healthy Eating


To be honest, the foods Heidi told me I needed to avoid. I already knew I should avoid. But, what really helped me were the things she had me add to my diet, both whole foods and supplements.  Many of us have tried dietary changes that center on what you can't have.  If you're like me, you focus on what you can't have or can't do, and eventually your will power fades.   It helped that Heidi handed me a list of foods I actually like to focus on eating, but really what made it doable is that Heidi is very kind and doesn't expect or want perfection from you.  When I have a hectic week or am traveling and can't make ideal meal choices, I am able to rely on my supplement regime to fill in the gaps

- HM

Before visiting Heidi at Nourish and Revive, I was experiencing a lot of allergies that seemed to be triggered by all sorts of issues including seasonal/outdoor, stress, food & more. After committing to the program that Heidi set up for me; I began seeing results in no time. A year later I can happily say that I feel so much healthier & free from the frustrations of seasonal allergies. Thank you Heidi!

- KS

Seasonal Allergies

Seasonal Allergies

21-Day Detox

detox benefits

Just completing the 21 day detox program and I feel fantastic. Energy levels are through the roof. The care Heidi gives throughout the journey is unparalleled. I'm finishing with new healthy habits, less weight, a ton of delicious recipes, and a trusted health adviser.

- JB

Heidi is great. Her extensive knowledge and intuition have helped me in ways many other health care providers have not.

I have more energy and immunity as a result of working with her.

- KC

Energy & Immunity

energy AND immunity at Nourish and Revive

Outdoor Allergies

Allergy tertimonial

Heidi is very Intuitive and makes you feel so comfortable with what she does! I had three Allergy Clearings and am about 75 percent better than what I was before!I was at my wits end and had tried  Acupuncture and everything else just so I could breathe!

- TC

I love this place! Very comforting and relaxed environment. Heidi is very accommodating and easily approachable.

If you are looking for a healthy change in your life I would recommend this place.

- KM

Healthy Changes in a Relaxing Enviroment

Relaxing at Nourish and Revive

Holistic Whole Body Healing – Sugar Cravings

Caake on hand

...What I really like about Heidi's approach is she focuses on what you are doing right, not adding to how hard we already are on ourselves when we reach for the chocolate cake. She reminds me that my body is on the right track, and taking things at the pace I need to go. She is respectful, extremely intuitive, and a joy to be around...

- EJ

Highly recommend Heidi Rickard. I've been dealing with a poor immune system most of my life and decided it was time to do something about it. She sat down with me for a long thorough evaluation and found areas in my body that needed immediate help and areas that I should keep an eye on. I'm a full time student and full time administrator so my stress levels tend to be through the roof. I can honestly say the supplements Heidi gave me have completely changed my overall mood and energy...

- MP

Immunity and Stress Support at Nourish and Revive

Natural Supplements at Nourish and Revive

Allergies & Digestion

Heidi at Nourish and Revive

Heidi has helped me so much. I had issues with allergies and digestion, and after a few months of working with her I feel much better!

- ET

Heidi is absolutely amazing. I went to see her for my allergies. I had TERRIBLE allergies to my own cat! She did an allergy clearing with me, and I honestly can not say enough how much of a difference it's made! Truly incredible work. I have ZERO allergies to my cat now. I would highly recommend Heidi to anyone dealing with allergies.

- LB

Cat Allergies

Heidi at Nourish and Revive Cat Allergies Help

Nutrition & Allergies


It's amazing how fast Heidi was able to tell me everything that took numerous doctors over a long period of time to figure out in just a few sessions. The allergy clearings and the nutritional evaluation helped me a lot. I would recommend to all to at least check it out! 😀

- SD

Heidi at Nourish and Revive helped me lose 50 pounds, eliminate my asthma, reduce my allergies and gain more energy.  I haven't see these results anywhere else. Thanks Heidi! You're the best!

- SB

Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Reduced Stress and Anxiety at Nourish and Revive

Stress and anxiety

I first came to Heidi a few of months ago because I had nervousness/anxiety due to the stresses in my life. I have had these issues for as long as I can remember that I never did anything about. When we discussed how nutritional deficiencies could be causing internal stresses in my body, it sparked my interest in figuring out what those deficiencies could be. My first visit to her office was amazing. The office was very clean and she was very warm and welcoming. Heidi was thorough in finding certain deficiencies in my diet, as well as finding certain foods and allergies that affected my body negatively. Heidi made sure that I was informed about how she does things in her office, and she answered any/all questions that I had about the process. During the report of findings, we discussed things that I needed to do in my diet to address my anxiety issues, as well as certain wholefood supplements that would complement my needs. It's only been a couple of months, but I have already seen reduced levels of anxiety from my stresses! I highly recommend Heidi for her ability to dig deep into finding the nutritional deficiencies that affects our bodies, and finding ways for us to correct those issues with nature's ultimate tool: Food!

- AG

After working with Heidi my energy has increase significantly. Her plan and care for me has been fantastic.

- JB

From Fatigue to Energy!

Getting Healthy at Nourish and Revive

the 21 day cleanse to reboot


Did the 21 day cleanse to reboot my life. Stopped drinking caffeine and cut out most sugar, carbs, dairy, and fatty foods from my diet. Started taking supplements and doing N+R daily shakes for snacks, and exercising regularly. In a little under two months, I have lost 20 lbs, lowered my resting heart rate, and blood pressure and was told by my doctor my cholesterol was so improved I could stop medicating for it. I am nearing my optimal BMI. This program is a great way to take control of your life and get energized. Heidi is super encouraging and helpful and I highly recommend trying it with an open mind.

- Todd

My husband and I did the 21 day detox/cleanse. So much better than anything else we’ve tried! Our goals were to lose weight and reset our diet, which this did. We now have cleared direction about what our bodies need for nourishment. Heidi was great to work with- so caring and helpful. We highly recommend Nourish and Revive!

- Christa

caring and helpful

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