Why is Heidi Using FullScript?

Using my FullScript Professional account is another way that you can support me at Nourish and Revive. This warehouse is temperature controlled and filled with over 20,000 professional grade health products and supplements. If a product or supplement is heat-sensitive, then they will ship it with ice packs. All products are guaranteed for quality and freshness. Some of my favorite products in addition to supplements are healthy foods and beauty products.  Not on Wellevate or FullScript: Systemic Formulas, Nutri-West, Energetix – please order directly through my clinic herehttps://www.nourishandrevive.com/clinic_orders/ I am starting a library of protocols for common health concerns. If you have a recommendation for a new protocol, please let me know! This is what is in my library so far:
 This is an exciting time and I am glad that you are on this journey with me. Do want to know more about what supplements you should be taking? I would be happy to chat anytime! Book a free 10-minute chat or reply to this email.
Thank you for supporting my small business! Heidi
Happy to partner with you on your health. 
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