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Emotional Balancing Technique is the best of the East meets the West. Kinesiological testing is paired with Chinese Meridian Therapy. 

  • Kinesiology means the study of the movement of the body and how the body moves.

  •  Chinese Meridian Therapy traditionally uses acupuncture or acupressure to restore the optimal balance in the body. At Nourish and Revive, you would tap on certain acupressure points in conjunction with red light laser therapy. 

Emotions are addressed in your Whole Body Health and Nutrition Evaluation with Customized Plan!

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This is a wonderful, pain-free and fun way to support your emotional and cognitive health! Emotions are largely responsible for physical symptoms. Emotional Balancing Technique works on mind and body!
    • Happiness support
    • PTSD suppport
    • Support for mental blocks or lack of creativity
    • Support for stressful situations
    • Pain support
    • Energetic life support
    • Headache support
    • Support for food cravings or lack of control
    • Support for making positive choices
    • Focus support
    • Sleep Support