Boost Your Immunity!

 Feel Confident that YOU are Doing the MOST to Protect Your Health!

 Covid-19 Support Supplement Box $149

Includes Homeopathic Virus Protection, Vitamin C, Vitamin D3 and K2 spray, Zinc,  Tuna Omega-3 and Probiotics!


 Feel Confident that YOU are Doing the MOST to Protect Your Health!

Boost Your Immunity!

Prevention is BEST! Be proactive and protect your body by boosting your immune system for you and your family.  As Washington state starts to open up again, boost your immune system to fight off any virus or bacteria. We have not been around people for a couple of months by the time we go back to ‘normal’. We will be inundated with stress, allergies, viruses, bacteria and sleep issues! What time have you been going to bed and waking up lately? I can help you reset your circadian rhythm. 

Supplement and Food Recommendations

My Viral pdf has important specifics for Coronavirus 

By using the above recommendations, you can order your own Standard Process and MediHerb supplements when you set up your Patient Direct account, please email Heidi for the access code. Would you like me to send them to you the good old fashion way? I can still send it to you! Either way, you are supporting Heidi at Nourish and Revive and I am very thankful for your business.

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